Ontario Securities Commission: In the coming year we prioritize cryptocurrency and ICO related work

According to coindesk, in the “Preference Statement” issued on March 29, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) listed the ICO and digital currency markets as two areas that will be promoted in the next 12 months, so that society Good understanding and ease of regulatory management. OSC stated that it will receive feedback on its documentation by the end of May. The committee specifically mentioned that the development of cryptocurrency is an innovative tool in the financial field, but also pointed out that it has a certain market risk. Digital currencies and ICOs may raise questions about the scope of securities regulation, and there may also be issues related to the protection of major investors. The OSC promised to provide enhanced guidance on security and to discuss the development of the industry in cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange. The agency further committed to “continuous monitoring and evaluation” of digital currency issuers.

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