Maryland Governor’s Candidate Says Belief in Blockchain

According to coindesk, Maryland Democratic candidate and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s Senior Adviser of Innovation, Aleclos, expressed his belief in the blockchain during the campaign. It is reported that over the years, he has been focusing on the rise of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and introduced it in his book Industries of the Future; he now wants to bring the transformative power of blockchain into the public service field. , enabling Maryland State to demonstrate to the governments of the United States and abroad how to promote the blockchain business and obtain government returns from it. On how to promote the blockchain business, he said that he will consider the main industries of the state, such as bio-health and life sciences, IT and cyber security, etc.; can use strong public-private partnerships, R&D funding and public sector plans to promote specific sectors of the industry Blockchain technology development; it is also possible to use Maryland’s world-class university system to create a pool of blockchain talent to fill these future workspaces. To this end, Maryland strives to be the choice for blockchain companies to launch new products and new business models.

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