Nano sued

In February of this year, the Italian exchange BitGrail’s $150 million Nano was stolen. The Nano was stolen with evidence that it was caused by the exchange’s own system deficiencies. However, Nano did not agree with this, and both sides blamed each other. BitGrail made it clear that it was unable to repay the loss, and then gave a solution to obtain the same amount of tokens before it was stolen by hard fork, but Nano responded to this approach contrary to the concept pursued by Nano. In the absence of an agreement between the two parties, Nano was sued by Silver Miller Law, arguing that the Nano team violated the federal securities trading law and put the project on a small exchange such as BitGrail and guided the user to open an account and cause user losses. According to the market, Nano (XRB) now has an average global price of 5.23 US dollars, an increase of 0.85%.

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