The XMR splits into four different XMR protocols that claim to be the original XMR

According to the CCN report, the hard bifurcation of the Monroe coin on April 6 led to the birth of four XMR blockchain branches (XMC, PZ, XMO, XMZ), all of which claimed to be “raw XMR.” Both XMC and PZ claim that changing the XMR’s PoW is not a well-thought-out decision, and both project leaders believe they should keep the original codebase alive. The person in charge of the XMO project stated that he is offering Mongoro enthusiasts the possibility of supporting ICON and maintaining the original chain. The person in charge of the XMZ believes that the “network upgrade” of the Monroe Coin is a Trojan horse that aims to jeopardize the effectiveness of the XMR work proof. For the moment, the reliability and duration of these forks are uncertain.

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