Bitcoin sent a summary of Bitcoin fraud cases

Bitcoin issued a document summarizing recent cases of bitcoin fraud.
1. The Philippine National Police (PNP) arrested a couple (Arnel and Leonay Ordania) who promised to receive a 30% bitcoin investment return every 15 days to raise about $900 million for 50 investors;
2. Vietnam, Ifan and Pincoin are suspected of defrauding 32,000 investors of about 15 trillion VND ($660 million). Ifan promised that thanks to Vietnam’s famous musicians joining the platform, investors can get “every day” gains; Pincoin promised a 40% monthly return, 4 months to recover costs;
3. Two Belmont residents in California receive the letter and if they fail to receive bitcoin worth $8,750 in ten days, they will publish secret evidence;
4. Many Americans receive emails and if they do not pay BTC worth $2,000, they will expose their infidelity;
5. Someone posing as Epcor staff of the Canadian electric power company said to the residents that if they did not pay the electricity bill through BTC, they would stop supplying electricity within an hour.

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