30 million LEDUs will be officially destroyed on July 31st

According to LEDU official news, since the initial plan to obtain tokens for the LiveEdu (Education Ecosystem’s first product) platform has changed, the official will destroy 30 million LEDUs on July 31, accounting for the total current circulation of LEDUs (360 million). 8.33%. In addition, the tokens used by the user for trading on the LiveEdu platform will be obtained from the exchange (not the pool); some tokens originally reserved for API developers and supporters (quality assurance personnel and moderators) will also be If they need to be prepared for more tokens in the future, they will be removed from the exchange. It is reported that Education Ecosystem has set up an office in Kiev and will open a new office in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. LEDU has been listed on Gate.io and Bibox, and now has an average global price of 0.0236 US dollars.

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