HelloEOS to start the EOS main network in conjunction with the community

The EOS main network will start soon, the official will not start the main network, and the main network will be initiated by the community consensus. As different communities may launch multiple main networks, there will be security risks in previous technical article analysis. In Line with the fundamentalism of BM and the safety of the community, HelloEOS combined EOS Gravity, EOS Asia, EOS.COCOS, EOS.BIXIN, EOS Store, EOS Beijing, GEOS, and Bitpie to start the main network. IMEOS will Provide real and The objective start-up information disclosure for the community. The start of the main chain will be carried out spontaneously by the community. It will follow the official code deployment and principles. The technical team will open the main network start drill at 2 pm on May. 25. Li Xiaolai relayed this information in a circle of friends today and said that EOS will not be bifurcated and will ultimately become an ideal EOS. According to the “Currencies World” market, the average price of EOS is now 11.38 US dollars, a decrease of 6.53%.

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