EDU Team Releases Announcement on EduCoin (EDU) Smart Contract Upgrade

EDU Team Announces Declaration of EduCoin (EDU) Smart Contract Upgrade:
1. After the technical engineers inside the EDU team discovered a contract vulnerability yesterday, we ensured the safety of the user’s assets. We notified the exchanges for the first time and suspended the provision of business and trading services.
2. The EDU team has taken a snapshot of the asset address before the abnormal account appears. The snapshot time is 22:51 on May 23, 2018. After the smart contract is upgraded, the asset mapping is performed on the snapshot address. The user assets in the snapshot are not affected.
3. The EDU team is doing its best to upgrade the smart contract. It is expected that the 24-96 hour upgrade will be successful. The EDU team also recommends that users do not perform any trading activities (off-exchange transactions, etc.) during the smart contract upgrade to avoid being used by speculators and causing property damage.

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